Community Workshop #1: Visioning, Opportunities and Constraints


The first of three Community Workshops for the Tweedy Boulevard Specific Plan was held on September 6, 2014, in the Senior Center at South Gate Park. The workshop was well-attended with over 25 participants. Spanish translation was also provided.

After introductions, the consultant team presented PowerPoint slides showing the Specific Plan area boundaries, background and purpose of the Specific Plan, existing conditions related to land use, streetscapes and the circulation network, as well as a summary of key demographic information. The presentation also identified opportunities related to land use, urban design, parking, and circulation.

After the consultant team’s presentation, the participants broke out into two groups and discussed the issues, opportunities and constraints for the Tweedy corridor. The discussion was guided by several questions (see Workshop #1 Small Group Discussion Questions). The comments received by the two groups were generally in agreement and are noted in the summary. The overall consensus was that long range planning for Tweedy Boulevard offers a prime opportunity for Tweedy to once again become the “heart” of the City of South Gate.

Additional information related to existing circulation conditions and demographics background information is also provided in a more expanded PowerPoint presentation (see below).

Workshop #1 Flyer – PDF
Workshop #1 Flyer / Spanish – PDF
Workshop #1 Agenda – PDF
Workshop #1 Agenda / Spanish – PDF
Workshop #1 Presentation – PDF
Workshop #1 Expanded Presentation – PDF
Workshop #1 Small Group Questionnaire – PDF
Workshop #1 Small Group Questionnaire / Spanish – PDF
Workshop #1 Small Group Discussion Summary – PDF
Specific Plan Area – PDF
Tweedy Blvd. Existing Land Uses – PDF
Tweedy Blvd. General Plan Designations – PDF